A well-developed identity system, or Brand, helps define an organization. It describes the culture, differentiates and positions the organization within the context of the larger community, and ensures that messages sent to and received by appropriate target audiences are clear and consistent.

Using established graphic elements and guidelines consistently in all marketing and outreach approaches sets your company or organization apart from other similar organizations through visual familiarity.

Brand identity is more than a logo, it includes elements like colours, design, logo, name, symbol and tagline. But it also involves intangibles such as thinking, feelings and expectations.

Blissful Souls - Branding and collateral requested by holistic health practitioner. Website revisions to client’s original design: Light, “feminine,” and delicate concept developed to match spiritual focus of the business.
Chef at your Shoulder - Ongoing (2016) comprehensive marketing & branding plan for chef specializing in at-home demonstrations & healthy lifestyle eating. Project has included: Logo / brand Website Collateral – business cards (Front / Back) Increased social media integration & business presence (Facebook […]
IHC Online - Deep nature-based colours and a very organic treatment with the curved lines highlights the client’s focus on holistic health therapy and integrative medicine. Key concepts: holistic health, nature, intense but soft movement, and a very dynamic and fluid look overall. Sub-brand incorporated a gold […]
Hardwall Outdoor Living - Logo developed for outdoor renovation and living company (masonry, landscaping, furniture). Simplification and branding rethink requested for established local business.
One Voice Chorus - Various projects created for LGBTQ community-based choir. Key concepts for logo included the integration of the rainbow flag, a more organic and fun approach, with the addition of location focus (i.e. the Canadian Rocky Mountains, from Calgary Alberta). Key concepts […]
TackleBox App - Logo and splash screen designed for app developer. App presents user-friendly tools to international fishing enthusiasts. (IOS)
Free Living - Logo designed for web entrepreneur establishing healthy eating and living resources website. Brand and sub-brand (two logos) requested with white, then brown interiors, or trunk and branches. Client requested that acronym (FL) be visible, but subtle, within brand mark.
Final Touch - Product cover logo for spray tan company. Primary target group: professional female body builders. Emphasis on strength and femininity in balance.  
Perfect Fit - Logo designed for client with a consignment bridal business. Key concepts: Elegance and classic lines, but with a more modern and youthful interpretation. Sub-brand incorporated a white on black treatment for an attention-grabbing dramatic finish.
Maclennane - Logo created for a marine services company based in Newfoundland. A more corporate look desired, with the addition of the mariner’s star to fully integrate the off-shore focus of the company.  

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