Web Design

There is no shortage of web designers and do-it-yourself sites online. Mountain Communications & Design is different in that we work with professional-level web developers, graphic designers, and content development specialists (writers, photographers) to create a seamless start-up or refresh experience for your small to medium-enterprise business or organization.

If you want out-of-the box, it’s out there. If you want effortless quality, think Mountain Communications.

Blissful Souls - Branding and collateral requested by holistic health practitioner. Website revisions to client’s original design: http://www.blissfulsoulsreiki.com/ Light, “feminine,” and delicate concept developed to match spiritual focus of the business.
Chef at your Shoulder - Ongoing (2016) comprehensive marketing & branding plan for chef specializing in at-home demonstrations & healthy lifestyle eating. Project has included: Logo / brand Website Collateral – business cards (Front / Back) Increased social media integration & business presence (Facebook […]
One Voice Chorus - Various projects created for LGBTQ community-based choir. Key concepts for logo included the integration of the rainbow flag, a more organic and fun approach, with the addition of location focus (i.e. the Canadian Rocky Mountains, from Calgary Alberta). Key concepts […]